Vaporizers From Around The World

This is an interesting industry. Electronic cigarettes are designed in the United States but made in Chinese factories in Shenzhen. These factories pump out their own brands as well as ones for American clients, often making one model and adding one of the numerous names to its side. Famous Chinese brands are Kanger, Innokin, and SMOK. There is very little originality in the beginners’ market or among eGos, but with portable vaporizers, it is a different story.

Portable Vaporizers Worldwide

Countries producing the major brands and models of portable vaporizers include Germany, Canada, and the United States. Many mods are made domestically, not shipped to major off-site plants in India, China, or Mexico. Arizer of Canada is a bestseller all over North America. 7th Floor, from Colorado, makes attractive devices. The Volcano has been produced in Germany for two decades by Storz & Bickel, makers of the Mighty and Plenty also.

Devoted to Design

There is tremendous design variety too, with lots of shapes, colors, and materials being used. The top portable vaporizers reflect this diversity. Some are long and slender; others are bulky and a little bit heavy. Positive factors they share in common are efficiency, durability, and rechargeable batteries. Any color is possible, from a vivid shade of blue to luxurious gold.

Applications for Vaporizers

E-cigs are much like cigarettes, and eGos are not far off, but box mods do not look like anything one would carry in a handbag or briefcase. They cannot be stealthy. Many vaping devices for herbs, oils, and waxes resemble other things. Ingenious designers have transformed an item which elicits considerable suspicion into an inhaler, a flask, a drink with a straw, and a light saber. There are also units made specifically for certain situations. For example, the inhaler-style PUFFIT really does support individuals with asthma with optional delivery assistance when you press a button. The Summit is designed for hiking at high elevation in unpredictable weather.

Then again, Grenco Science goes the other way, purposely creating vaporizers that draw attention. They work with artists and superstars of American culture to design special, limited editions of the GPen rechargeable handheld vaporizer.

Mostly Portability

But the defining feature of what the industry and consumers consider “best” is how portable an item is. A portable product is rechargeable, small enough to carry around, easy to use, rugged to withstand being dropped, and the battery is long-lasting. Usually, the top devices cost between $100 and $300. While it’s not always a defining sales factor, reviews tend to favor convection heating too. Price doesn’t appear to be a turn-off to many consumers who place quality ahead of their budgets.

Top Portable Vaporizers

A Vapium Summit from America earns high marks on all of these points. It was made for travel, created to be dropped against mountainous rocks, and even removable parts are attached in some way so they can’t go flying into the cracks of a craggy slope. The Summit ignores elevation and performance is not dampened by high winds. It’s sleek and small for carrying long distances, but still, holds enough material for the sake of convenience.

Germany’s Storz & Bickel designed the black and orange Crafty to be a smaller, more affordable sibling to the similar-looking Mighty. Storz & Bickel, makers of the enduring Volcano desktop mod, enabled haptic alerts — vibration, also seen in the Summit — rather than a screen. This modern, well-vented item featuring an internal battery is fairly weighty but still compact enough to carry on the train and also robust against knocks and accidents. Connect the Crafty to your smartphone to control heating and read data.

Arizer of Canada structured the Solo for portable vaping in a long, light, narrow format. It comes with several pre-set heat options and is more affordable than the Crafty. This is a customer favorite along with the PAX, another US offering, which is one of the most popular and successful portable herbal vaporizers of all time. There is just one button at the top, by the mouthpiece. PAX Labs, from California, employs an incredibly powerful magnet for the bottom portion to hold in herbs but make it easy to get at them for cleaning. Pretty lights on the side indicate your battery and heat status.

If you want to choose between herbs, waxes, and e-liquids, buy the V2 Pro Series 7, the more powerful of their two Pro Series devices. It’s personally regulated, works with three types of cartridges, and cartridges connect magnetically to one battery. In order to strengthen the connection, V2 designed a console which holds a cartridge in place.

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