V2 Cigs in 2017

In a way, it is as though V2 went sideways instead of up. When we talk about firms developing to accommodate the changing e cig market, you might picture Vaporfi and Halo with their catalogs of graduated electronics. Halo’s G6 is followed by a Triton, surpassed by a Tracer, then topped by the Reactor box mod. Vaporfi begins with an Express, upgrades to the Pro, moves on to a Rocket, a Rebel, then finishes strongly with the VAIO and VEX mods. Vaporfi does not follow the same path at all; they go their own way.

V2 Cigs Review

This characteristic of one of America’s oldest brands of e cigs is an endearing feature. We get a little bit sick of the sameness in this industry. Everything is made to the same or almost the same specifications. Power is similar. Controls (or lack of them) are the same. Colors don’t vary much, and mini cigs are usually shaped like cigarettes. It gets a little bit boring over time.

Then V2 comes along and decides to change things up. We should have known, when they dropped “Cigs” from their name and let go of Vapor Couture, that V2 was redefining itself. They are pushing away from the “cigarette” association towards a unique representation of vaping but at the same level as before; the user-friendly, new-vaper style that makes it so easy to transition. With the latest products from V2, it will be impossible for a non-vaper to mistake vaping for smoking.

New V2 Technology

The VERTX and VERTX Plus feature angles and corners, something the usual mini cig does not boast. What is so special about edges? They distinguish a device from the typical cigalike so others can tell this is not a cigarette. Also, edges prevent rolling. The two versions are set apart by the swipe screen. One, without a swipe screen, is non-adjustable. The VERTX Plus touchscreen allows one to change the voltage setting and to see this setting clearly. Both versions offer pass-through technology: use them while they charge. The 420mAh battery lasts for 5 hours or longer when it is fully charged up. Select rose gold, black, or gunmetal gray.

Old But Still Awesome

V2’s Classic battery is still a good choice of first-vape for the newbie. Select from multiple sizes and either manual or automatic operation. The difference is this: puff to make the element heat up or press a button. The manual option is more efficient as it does not drain the battery continually. An automatic, however, is more streamlined and user-friendly for a newcomer to vaping.

The best starter kit comes with two batteries and several cartomizer replacements. Eventually, swap pre-filled cartridges for blank ones and refill them with V2 Platinum e-liquid in one of 12 flavors. These represent three types of tobacco, three types of menthol, some fruits, and a few other choices. New flavors sometimes come along on a limited basis, or you can use other flavors by different companies as long as they are not made with a lot of vegetable glycerin.

The EX was introduced several years ago and offers a more glamorous version of the Classic. Five tiny lights along the edge indicate how much power is left in the battery. Colors and patterns are bolder than the Classic.

Disposable V2 e-cigs come in two flavors: menthol and tobacco. Buy them in bulk to save money. That goes for cartridges too. Find a coupon code to save more money or utilize loyalty points in exchange for money at the checkout.

Herbal Vaping

When the Pro Series 3 was released, the vaping world rejoiced. They could vape with oils or herbs as well as e-liquids using one device and a specialized cartridge. The Pro Series 3 is like an eGo, but the Pro Series 7 ramps up the power even more. Better yet, customers have control over the Series 7 to select the power level.

One of the best features of a Pro Series e pen is that the parts connect magnetically. A single battery recognizes codes on cartridges for specific materials. Don’t try to use herbs in the oil cartridge; it will not work out so well since wet materials are heated more than dry ones. You will end up with smoke and a broken device without being able to claim warranty.

Magnetic connection is secured by a console. Top parts slide in and out of the base forming an all-in-one appearance. Not only is this system efficient and cost-effective; it looks great too. V2 customer service is hard to beat. They are usually rated in the top-three.

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