The Top Electronic Cigarettes In America

There are numerous brands of e-cigs in the United States, many of which one will only ever encounter at a garage or corner store. Disposables are important to this industry and to smokers who want to explore the electronic alternative, so even if they seem like low-powered wanna-be electronics, give them some credit. Here are the top electronic cigarettes in two categories: disposables and rechargeables, all of them in the mini cig format and marketed by American brands.

Top Disposable E Cigs

South Beach Smoke makes a long-lasting rechargeable e cig, but how do their disposables stack up? They rate highly next to the competition and right now there is a sale going on: $11.99 for four disposables. Is this an effort to phase them out and clear the warehouse or just a great deal? Who knows, but if they are being cleared out, I recommend buying their menthol or tobacco disposable e cigs while there is still time. South Beach Smoke is noted for quality products including good-tasting e-juice.

NJOY just went bankrupt, so if you can still find a disposable by that firm, do so. They were making the strongest e cigs around, nicotine-wise. Now they will be surpassed by the likes of Apollo and BluCig, two strong competitors. Apollo makes vanilla- and cherry-flavored e-cigs as well as traditional tobacco and menthol. BluCig added cherry a while back, and their e cigs are unique. While the others are tan and white, like real cigs, BluCig disposables are black.

SmokeTip gets good ratings but flies below the radar with their products, both rechargeable and disposable. Try one of their menthol minis or one of two tobacco flavors for $9.95 each. Discounts like coupon codes will bring that price down, but only when you buy enough stuff. Consumers like the cigarette-like style with a green light at the tip to prove this is no cigarette.

For price and variety, White Cloud’s Fling can’t be beaten. Their disposable mini cigs cost around $6 and come in fruit, tobacco, menthol, and other flavors. If you buy them in bulk online, prepare to pay even less. That’s amazing given the regular price (around $10) for a brand of one-time e-cig. Then again, online prices are almost always better if shipping doesn’t kill the deal.

V2 sells a good product, and they offer volume discounts as well. With V2, you will always be sure of a reliable, sturdy device. Most disposables are supposed to last as long as around two packs of cigarettes. While this is probably an exaggeration, 1.5 packs-worth of puffing is still good value when you only pay $10 or less.

Rechargeable Sets

Some of the best manufacturers don’t make disposables. They concentrate on rechargeable technology which is better for the environment and the way to go for consumers too. If you recharge, you save money. Refill e-juice and save even more. The top brands offer you the option to do just that; refill your e cig rather than replacing pre-filled cartomizers at a cost of $2 or even $3 per ml.

Vaporfi’s Express Starter Kit contains two batteries, one large and one regular-sized. The high-drain example should supply 4 or more hours of vaping on a full charge. It looks like a normal cigarette but blank cartomizers, sold separately, are designed to be filled with e-liquid. Choose a style of tobacco or menthol that’s similar to your cigarette, at least for the first little while. Change it up to experiment with cherry, apple, or some other fruit. Select a dessert, cocktail, or baked item next. You can have a lot of fun just with the Vaporfi line of e-liquid before going anywhere else.

Halo’s e-juice might be stop number 2 because it’s one of the industry’s favorites. Although Vaporfi e liquids have won awards, those are the high-VG choices that are unsuitable for single coil mini cig cartomizers. Halo’s liquid was popular before they introduced high-VG. A single starter kit comes with blank or pre-filled cartomizers, two charging devices (USB, AC), two batteries, and a gift box. Vapers are invited to select a cigarette-type appearance or go rogue with Midnight Blue, Demon Red, or Jet Black.

The V2 Classic and EX are both marvelous: durable, flexible, and attractive. Select tan and white or opt for pink, silver, or blue. EX batteries feature patterns such as playing cards and blossoms. Opt for mechanical or automatic batteries and choose from 12 flavors of e juice or filled cartomizers. Their range of starter kits is extensive, offering tremendous selection and variety.

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